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Dark Matter

Thursday April 24 meeting

Most of the meeting was a review of the different DM technologies. Talks can be found here

The intent of the DM working group is to put in ONE proposal to cover all experiments. The feeling is there would be one large 2-phase Xe and one large Ar/Ne. The solid state Ge would have a very different look than the current CDMS detectors and a lot of R&D is going on to make large Ge crystals for ton scale devices.

All require screening and they expect DUSEL to provide any screening above the current, intermediate scale experiments, all of which have had to provide their own. (XENON uses Gran Sasso, LUX uses Soudan and expects to use SUSEL screening, WARP uses Gran Sasso, CLEAN uses SNOLab and Oroville)

Specific needs identified by experiments

Pre-DUSEL and non-SUSEL




Non-physical Integrative functions requested

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