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 {{:​gfcompare:​flux:​nflux_caco3_mu.png?​1000|Integrated flux for muons in calcium carbonate.}} {{:​gfcompare:​flux:​nflux_caco3_mu.png?​1000|Integrated flux for muons in calcium carbonate.}}
 +**__UPDATE__**:​ There was an error made by Anthony in the material definition as per the above. ​ The plot below shows the updated CaCO3 plots which display better agreement which no longer displays a clear resonance neary 1 - 2 keV.  This resonance was found to be due to a wide Na-23(n,g) resonance.
 +{{:​gfcompare:​flux:​nflux_caco3_mu_130513.png?​1000|Integrated flux for muons in calcium carbonate.}}
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