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-====== Introduction to the LOWRAD Wiki ====== +xuxcq{{{, <a href="​http://​">​pvnomevnhw<​/a, [url=]nqaipcadjf[/url], pvnomevnhw
- +
-A **[[wp>​wiki]]** is a web site freely editable by the members of a community. ​ The idea is to produce a "living"​ document that responds to users' needs. ​ Wikis are especially well-suited to collaborative writing, and this particular wiki is intended to streamline the documentation process for the DUSEL LBCF S4. +
- +
- +
-===== Creating and Editing Pages ===== +
-This site is currently implemented using the [[​dokuwiki|DokuWiki]], ​simple wiki engine specifically intended for documentation. ​ The site is located at [[http://​​lowrad]]. Pages are freely viewable by Group membersbut users must register for a username and password in order to edit pages (done automatically on the first editing attempt). ​ No restrictions are placed on the users - this is just to provide a "​signature"​ for each page edit.  Past page versions are recorded and may be reconstructed later. +
- +
-Users are free to create and edit new pages as situations warrant. ​ Pages are written in a highly simplified version of HTML, described in the [[​wiki:​syntax|DokuWiki syntax reference]]. ​ Images, tables and links may be included into pages, as well as source code snippets (DokuWiki uses [[http://​​highlighter/​index.php|GeSHi]] to format them attractively). ​ Plugins are also available for including ​[[http://​​|LaTeX]] codeetc. +
- +
-If you want to try your hand at the syntax without editing a real page, use the [[wiki:​playground]] page. +
- +
-===== Organization ===== +
-The overall site is administered by [[mailto:​|Prisca]],​ and for now all questions and suggestions should go to her.  This site has a hierarchical,​ directory-like structure of [[​wiki:​namespaces|namespaces]],​ each for a particular topic.  ​+
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