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Low Background Collaboration Page


This wiki page is intended to be the beginning of a collaborative effort to make data and information specific to low background physics available to the physics community. As was discussed at SNOlab during LRT 2010 there are several important areas that should be addressed by this effort many of which should mature going forward. Some of the most important aspects of the effort include collaboration contact (being addressed via, materials and radioactive sources databases, equipment and shielding supplier information, and topics notes from various researchers. Building a base with these components is intended to lead eventually to a proposal which shows that there is a need in the physics community for a knowledge repository of the sort that we are building (and perhaps not all that dissimilar from the Particle Data Group) and creates a formal structure for such a knowledge repository. At that time it will be appropriate for a large hosting site to be chosen and for all of our efforts to be formalized.

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