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DUSEL AARM Collaboration Meeting in Minneapolis. Feb 25-26

  • Registration is still open, but direct pay at the Hotel is complete.
  • We are maxed out on reimbursement, so new registrants will have to find other funding sources for their travel.
  • To Register: Just send an email to Jody Kaplan
    • Give your name and days you will be attending.
    • See “Lodging” below for the details of the designated hotel.


Agenda for meeting Our goal is to create a Common Simulation Framework, including backgrounds and muon flux, for DUSEL experiments, as well as our own simulation for the FAARM facility. Our work here will be directly applicable to the April meeting at Berkeley on cosmogenic neutron backgrounds.

Posted Talks

Please post your talks by the night before if at all possible. You can also change them and repost at the last minute. This will enable those following by audio to be part of the workshop. Go to Talks

Conference Location

The workshop will be held at the

  • University of Minnesota
  • School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Tate Lab Room 435
  • 116 Church St SE 55455


  • Breakfast & Lunch will be provided by the workshop at no fee.
  • Dinner at Seachange Restaurant - pay as you go.
  • Seachange will accommodate all dietary restrictions - they do it on a per-person basis at the restaurant and will suggest a number of alternatives for you.


There is a Swim Meet at the University. Thus the closest hotels, Radisson and Days Inn, are full. We have therefore reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Metrodome across the river, which is the next closest place. It is the oval outline left of Mondale Hall on campus map.

There is a covered walkway across river (Washington Ave) that links the Inn to the East Bank Campus and the Physics Department (10 minute walk). There is also a campus bus and the hotel runs a free shuttle (reserve at the desk).

  • We need a list of names for the hotel by FEBRUARY 3 * Complete **

All people who registered by Feb 3 are set. There is no need to contact the hotel, you are pre-registered with them.


  • Rental car or Cab from Airport
  • Light Rail from inside airport northbound (to Minneapolis) to Metrodome stop. From there you can either walk to the hotel (5 blocks) or call for a free shuttle to hotel: (612) 333-4646
  • You can also take Light Rail + bus directly to Physics Dept. Use the trip planner at and put in MSP for the airport and Coffman union for destination.


  • Parking ramp at Hotel is best bet. $14/day
  • Or don't get a car.


  • Since we will pay for the hotel and provide lunch, we are only reimbursing travel expenses up to $600. (except pre-arranged exceptions for overseas travel)


If you are staying for an extra night (Thursday or Saturday), there is plenty of stuff to do. While the orchestra is downtown, the theaters mentioned are all within walking distance of your hotel.

Ride Board

If you would like to share a ride to/from the airport, you can post information here: Ride Board

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