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AARM S4 Collaboration Meeting in Minneapolis. June 22-23

Friday is a full day, so you should come the night before. The banquet Friday night is a river cruise and dinner. The formal program will end Saturday at 1 pm, but important meetings will take place Saturday afternoon, so we expect some people to stay over Saturday night as well.

  • To Register: Just send an email to Jody Kaplan
    • Give name, institution, which nights you will be at the conference hotel, and whether you wish to present a talk (include short description)
    • We also need to know if you will attend the banquet and whether you need a vegetarian alternative.
    • See “Lodging” below for the details of the designated hotel. We have reserved a block of rooms under the name “AARM” in the same hotel as the meetings on Friday. You must contact the hotel directly to reserve your room.
    • The list of registered attendees is here(06.12.2012).
  • Walking (biking) map from ALOFT to Physics Bldg MAP


A pdf of the agenda (updated 6/19) is found here
Agenda with posted talks and notes will appear here

Agenda Outline

Friday starts promptly at 8:30 am in the ALOFT Hotel Conference Room.
  • 0. AARM Goals and Future Plans.
  • I. Establishing Radiopurity and Understanding Backgrounds
  • II. Collaboration on a Universal Materials Database
  • LUNCH (12:30 – 2:00) walk to neighborhood restaurants
  • III. Updates from the Simulation Packages
  • IV. Establishing Standardized Benchmarks for Geant4 Implementation
  • DINNER leave at 5:45 from hotel
Saturday starts promptly at 8:30 in Room 435, Tate Lab (Physics Bldg) Free Shuttle from ALOFT.
  • V. Benchmarking Cosmogenic Simulations & Physics to Data
  • VI. Working Group Meetings (breakout sessions)
    • Cosmogenics (group leader: Vitaly Kudryavtsev)
    • Radiogenics (group leader: Jody Cooley)
  • 12:00 Reports from the Working Groups and Action Items

LUNCH – walk to neighborhood restaurants

Afternoon Meetings
  • Soudan Neutron Benchmarking Discussion (time stamps, etc)
  • Universal Database Planning Meeting
  • Cosmogenic Simulation: Geant4 v FLUKA and improvements to both

Conference Location

  • Friday all day at the Aloft Hotel conference facility
  • Saturday at
    • Tate Lab Room 435
    • 116 Church St SE 55455

It is a 25 minute walk from ALOFT to the Physics Department. There is also a free shuttle from the hotel to the Physics Dept.


The Aloft Hotel has reserved a block of rooms. You will have to make your own reservations by calling the hotel at

  • 1-877-GO ALOFT
  • Identify AARM as the block of rooms
  • Cost is $99/night or $109 with a $10 food voucher (breakfast, etc)


  • The BEST WAY (fastest & cheapest) is Light Rail from inside airport northbound (to Minneapolis) to Metrodome stop and walk 2 blocks.
  • Cabs (Roughly $45)
  • Rental Car (Parking is $15/day at hotel, free on some streets if you can find it.)

Travel Reimbursement

This workshop is sponsored by the NSF. Therefore, registration is free and we will reimburse travel and your hotel up to $800. with receipts (domestic travelers). International travelers can be reimbursed at a higher rate. You will have to pay for your room and then get reimbursed.

  • Reimbursement Form and receipts should be handed in at the meeting or sent to Jody afterwards.

The meal on Friday night is free - we will be leaving the dock at 6:30 pm sharp on the Minneapolis Queen River Boat, which includes a buffet dinner. We will also provide some coffee breaks during the day, but you will have to purchase lunch and any other meals. There are plenty of places within walking distance for lunch near Aloft (Friday) and the Physics Dept (Saturday).


  • If you want to bike to the Saturday meeting or are staying longer, take a look at this: Short term Bike Rental
  • If you want something to do Saturday night, check the calendar at CityPages Mag. Aloft offers guests half price tickets to some shows at the Guthrie next door.
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