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Our name should reflect the broader goals of the group. Low Background Counting is not broad enough. We settled on RAMA = Radioisotope Assay and Materials Acquisition Thanks to Rob McTaggart (but we didn’t want too much DRAMA…) If anyone has strong objections, you have about a week to complain and suggest other names.

We have 3 important jobs for the next couple weeks.

  1. Determine a first pass through the S4 budget
  2. Produce a set of slides for the DEDC Internal Review
  3. Estimate of final Facility Cost for internal planning purposes only

Since the S4 budget exercise and the Internal Review Slides will actually force us to form a better outline, this is the highest priority and we will go back to proposal text, once it is finished. I will be out of the country starting Monday evening, June 23. John Wilkerson will be the main contact and will continue the process of compiling the slides and watching the spreadsheet. I will be back July 3 and will spend the weekend reviewing what you have come up with in that time.

The tools at our disposal to make this happen are

1. S4 BUDGET A google spreadsheet that has been shared with the group (you should have received an email about this – go to the email and click the link). Each of you with an assignment should fill this spreadsheet out for your area. Feel free to add rows and column comments – what is there is just a template to give form to the process. Anyone who doesn’t have a row, just put yours in. Each row should specify the year for those funds (that is what the 1, 2, 3 are that are listed there). To edit a google spreadsheet you need to start with the invite email that was sent to you earlier and use that email to create your google account. If you have any problem, please email to me over the weekend, or to John Wilkerson after June 23. The spreadsheet can also be accessed from the wiki

2. Slides I have already started to fill out slides and the newest version (updated from the earlier ones I sent out) are enclosed inthis email and in the wiki. Please fill out the slides for your assignment. This is best done by simply emailing your specific slide(s) to me this weekend or to John after Monday. The assignments below refer to both a slide and some rows in the google spreadsheet.

  • Gamma Counting: Dong Ming Mei
  • Beta Counting: Richard Schnee
  • Alpha Counting: Andrew Sonnenshein/Jodi Cooley
  • Radon Mitigation: Henning Back
  • NAA: Henning Back
  • Radiochemistry or Wet chemistry?: Craig Aalseth
  • E&O: Tina Keller
  • Integration: Prisca Cushman
  • Solid Materials and Shielding: Reyco Henning
  • Purified Liquids: Yuri Efremenko for crogens and Dick Hahn for water
  • Electroforming Facility: Eric Hoppe or Craig Aalseth
  • Mass Spec and other Techniques:Eric Hoppe

3. There is a wiki link to Kevin Lesko’s first estimate of the final facility. We will start with that estimate. Look it over and comment on it right there on the wiki. See if you can identify missing pieces or simply comment on the cost.

Thanks for all your help, Prisca Cushman

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