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 === Plan for startup === === Plan for startup ===
 ==== Gravity Meter ==== ==== Gravity Meter ====
-=== Immediate needs === +=== Immediate needs ===  
-=== Plan for startup === +=== Plan for startup === The start up has been accomplished ​by Jerry Meier.  A replacement UPS power supply ​is being shipped to the Surface Building in Soudan for installation in the gravity meter setup. 
-When possible, the grounded meter should be restarted because the data collected at the Soudan Mine is better for showing an annual cycle in the baseline noise of gravity measurements. ​ If permitted then I am glad to come and do the start up.  If the start up can be done sooner ​by Jerry Meier then that is the preferred option because delays mean missing out on alignments.+
 ==== Update from Marvin Marshak (Saturday, April 16) ==== ==== Update from Marvin Marshak (Saturday, April 16) ====
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