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People I sent the Dear Colleague Letter to

Name/Email Followup Responsibility Status Prisca Received Richard received Prisca Trying to get letterhead permission Prisca Received DongMing/Prisca Received Jodi/Prisca received Ray received Anthony received
Marco Selvi Prisca Received
Mani Tripathi Ray Received
Andrew Hime Prisca Received Prisca Received
Kevin Lesko Priscapromised Prisca Received
Nigel Smith Prisca Received
Mike Kelsey Prisca Received
Dennis Wright dwright@SLAC.STANFORD.EDU Prisca Received
Cristiano Galbiati galbiati@Princeton.EDU Tony Received
Adam Cox Jodi Received
Kim Palladino - Formaggio Richard Received letter from Formaggio
James Loach Jodi Recieved
Yuen-Dat ChanPriscaReceived
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