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-==== Text/Jobs To be Written ==== 
-  * PIs go to fastlane and look at budget. Email us an OK to sign off on it. 
-  * Go through entire document and order the references and put them in the References : Ray (done)  ​ 
-  * First draft of a broader impact section: Education and Outreach (DongMing) ​ 
-  * Edit Tony's FLUKA section parts (a) and (b) : Tony (FRIDAY!) 
-  * First draft of Workshop Justification section: Prisca (Saturday) 
-  * Edit/check Postdoc Mentoring section : Prisca (Saturday) 
-  * Data management Section :  Richard compiles (help from Jodi, DongMing, Tony) 
-=== Schedule of Editing === 
-Spend 2-3 hours going through whole proposal. You will use the latest version with tracking on. No one else should make changes during that time. Feel free to make general email comments as well. When you are finished, you send the tracked version to the entire group for review or for the next editor. I will try to look at all versions right after you are finished and may send a version with accepted changes before the next editor. ​ All times are central. 
-  * DongMing: ​ 2-4 pm Saturday 
-  * Richard: 9-11 am Sunday 
-  * Anthony: references & list 
-  * Prisca: Sunday night and 8-11 Monday 
-  * Ray: 12-5 pm Monday 
-  * Prisca: 7-11 pm Monday 
-==== New Place to begin listing Scientific collaborators ==== 
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 | Yuen-Dat Chan|Prisca|Received| | Yuen-Dat Chan|Prisca|Received|
-   + 
-==== NSF BIO Details (Richard Schnee) ==== +
-NSF has a required format (listed below) for the Biosketch, with strict 2-page limit. ​ I attach a recent one of mine in {{:​schnee_bionsf2011.pdf|.pdf}} and .tex for people to copy if they wish.   +
- +
-f. Biographical Sketch(es) +
- +
-(i) Senior Personnel +
- +
-A biographical sketch (limited to two pages) is required for each individual identified as senior project personnel. +
-(See GPG Exhibit II-7 for the definitions of Senior Personnel.) The following information must be provided in the +
-order and format specified below. +
-Do not submit personal information such as home address; home telephone, fax, or cell phone numbers; home +
-e-mail address; date of birth; citizenship;​ drivers’ license numbers; marital status; personal hobbies; and the like. +
-Such personal information is irrelevant to the merits of the proposal. If such information is included, NSF will +
-make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to such material, but the Foundation is not responsible or in +
-any way liable for the release of such material. (See also GPG Chapter III.G). +
- +
-(a) Professional Preparation +
- +
-A list of the individual’s undergraduate and graduate education and postdoctoral training as indicated below: +
-Undergraduate Institution(s) Major Degree & Year +
-Graduate Institution(s) Major Degree & Year +
-Postdoctoral Institution(s) Area Inclusive Dates (years) +
- +
-(b) Appointments +
- +
-A list, in reverse chronological order, of all the individual’s academic/​professional appointments beginning with +
-the current appointment. +
- +
-(c) Publications +
- +
-A list of: (i) up to five publications most closely related to the proposed project; and (ii) up to five other significant +
-publications,​ whether or not related to the proposed project. Each publication identified must include the names +
-of all authors (in the same sequence in which they appear in the publication),​ the article and journal title, book +
-title, volume number, page numbers, and year of publication. If the document is available electronically,​ the +
-website address also should be identified. +
-For unpublished manuscripts,​ list only those submitted or accepted for publication (along with most likely date of +
-publication). Patents, copyrights and software systems developed may be substituted for publications. +
-Additional lists of publications,​ invited lectures, etc., must not be included. +
- +
-(d) Synergistic Activities +
- +
-A list of up to five examples that demonstrate the broader impact of the individual’s professional and scholarly +
-activities that focuses on the integration and transfer of knowledge as well as its creation. Examples could +
-include, among others: innovations in teaching and training (e.g., development of curricular materials and +
-pedagogical methods); contributions to the science of learning; development and/or refinement of research tools; +
-computation methodologies,​ and algorithms for problem-solving;​ development of databases to support research +
-and education; broadening the participation of groups underrepresented in science, mathematics,​ engineering +
-and technology; and service to the scientific and engineering community outside of the individual’s immediate +
-organization. +
- +
-(e) Collaborators & Other Affiliations +
- +
-   * Collaborators and Co-Editors. A list of all persons in alphabetical order (including their current organizational affiliations) who are currently, or who have been collaborators or co-authors with the individual on a project, book, article, report, abstract or paper during the 48 months preceding the submission of the proposal. Also include those individuals who are currently or have been co-editors of a journal, compendium, or conference proceedings during the 24 months preceding the submission of the proposal. If there are no collaborators or co-editors to report, this should be so indicated. Grant Proposal Guide II-11 NSF 11-1 +
- +
-    * Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral Sponsors. A list of the names of the individual’s own graduate advisor(s) and principal postdoctoral sponsor(s), and their current organizational affiliations. +
- +
-    * Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor. A list of all persons (including their organizational affiliations),​ with whom the individual has had an association as thesis advisor, or with whom the individual has had an association within the last five years as a postgraduate-scholar sponsor. The total number of graduate students advised and postdoctoral scholars sponsored also must be identified. +
- +
-The information in section (e) above of the biographical sketch is used to help identify potential conflicts or +
-the selection of reviewers. See GPG Exhibit II-2 for additional information on potential reviewer conflicts. +
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