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Agenda for radiogenic working group meeting on July 25, 2013

  1. (a,n) calculation for Th228 and Radon decay chain (Chao)
  2. Detailed comparison to include the differential cross section for SOURCE calculation using the (a, n) neutron yield cross section provided by Chao in Copper (Silvia & Huang)
  3. Radiogenic background (external) data sheet for Homestake Mine (Jason, Iseley, Wenzhao)
  4. Validation of (a, n) calculation using AmBe measurement in SOURCES code (Jodi)

Meeting notes

Participants: Chao Zhang, Wenzhao Wei, Jason Goon, Iseley Marshall, Silvia, Hang Qiu

Summary notes:

  • Chao completed calculation of (a,n) neutron yield for all materials from Th228 decay chain. He will apply it to Radon decay chain and represent the results at next meeting.
  • According to the discussion, Silvia will include the comparison of the (a,n) differential cross section between SOURCES and TALYS for Copper target.
  • For the background data sheet, Jason is doing the measurement using the germanium detector at 4850ft level right now. He promise to present part of results by next meeting.
  • Silvia will report the validations of SOURCES code by next meeting.
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