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Agenda for radiogenic working group meeting on Jun 27, 2013

  1. (a,n) calculation for Th228 and Radon decay chain (Chao)
  2. SOURCE calculation using the (a, n) neutron yield cross section provided by Chao in Copper (Silvia, Huang)
  3. SOURCE and USD web database calculation for Teflon (Chao and Jodi)
  4. Radiogenic background (external) data sheet for Homestake Mine (Iseley, Jason, Wenzhao)
  5. Thoughts on validation of (a, n) calculation using AmBe measurement (All)

Meeting notes

Participants: Dongming Mei, Chao Zhang, Wenzhao Wei, Jason Goon, Chris Chiller, Angela Chiller, Iseley Marshall, Hang Qiu, Jodi, Ben.

Summary notes:

  • Chao is still working on the (a, n) calculation for Th228 and Radon decay chain.
  • Huang and Silvia compared the cross section data for (a,n) in Copper between Empire and Talys provided by Chao. They conclude the over all cross section data agree each other pretty well. Chao point out the comparison only limited to the total cross section which cannot say the structure is identical. in order to do the detailed comparison we should compare a) the differential cross section; b) the stopping power data; c) the formula to calculate the neutron yield.
  • The calculation for (a, n) neutron yield in Teflon is done by Chao using USD web database. we are waiting for the results from SOURCES code.
  • For the background data sheet, Jason is doing the measurement using the germanium detector at 4850ft level right now. He commits to give the report in next meeting. Once we get the gamma ray measurement results from him, we can combine the data from NaI detector which we did last year at the same level. we should be able to make a comparison table and post it online.
  • Chao reports the thought on validation of (a, n) calculation using AmBe measurement. Jodi mentioned SOURCES already have this validation done in the document. we hope she can report the result to see how they did the calculation.
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