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Solar Neutrinos


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Thu.,Fri. April 24-25 Meeting

A brief discussion of the low backgound needs of the solar neutrino experiments was held during the solar neutrino working group sessions of the Lead ISE meeting. The following items were mentioned for each experiment:

  • LENS: The primary need will be for gamma assays. Much of this can be done at the Kimballton Underground Research Facility (KURF) which is already equipped with two low background germanium detectors.
  • e-Bubble: There will be need for gamma assay and U-Th counting. Some of this can be done at SNO-lab. There is also likely to be a need for electro-formed copper, but the feasibility of high-purity copper is also being explored.
  • CLEAN: The low background needs for CLEAN are discussed in the dark matter section.

Specific needs identified by experiments

Pre-DUSEL and non-SUSEL




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