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 ====== Solar Neutrinos ====== ====== Solar Neutrinos ======
 ===== People ===== ===== People =====
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   * Mark Pitt [[mailto:​|]],​ 540-231-3015 Kimballton, ​   * Mark Pitt [[mailto:​|]],​ 540-231-3015 Kimballton, ​
 +===== Thu.,Fri. April 24-25 Meeting =====
 +A brief discussion of the low backgound needs of the solar neutrino experiments was held during the solar
 +neutrino working group sessions of the Lead ISE meeting. ​ The following items were mentioned for each 
 +  *  LENS: The primary need will be for gamma assays. ​ Much of this can be done at the Kimballton Underground Research Facility (KURF) which is already equipped with two low background germanium detectors.
 +  *  e-Bubble: ​ There will be need for gamma assay and U-Th counting. ​ Some of this can be done at SNO-lab. ​ There is also likely to be a need for electro-formed copper, but the feasibility of high-purity copper is also being explored.
 +  *  CLEAN: ​    The low background needs for CLEAN are discussed in the dark matter section.
 ===== Specific needs identified by experiments ===== ===== Specific needs identified by experiments =====
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