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SUSEL Low Background Counting Facility

The Low-Background Counting Facility will be built at the SUSEL Lab

In Romania, at Horia Hulubei - National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, we developed several detectors, in time: - plastic scintillator detectors for neutrons (an array of 81 detectors positioned as a square - in Romania, for the moment) - barrel neutron detectors (in France, at this moment) - a miniball Ge detector (most of the detectors efficiencies are arround 30%) - a miniball detector from Ge and NaI detectors - liquid scintillator detectors - NaI 4PI detector - cosmic rays detectors: collaboration with Karsruhe University (CASCADE) - portable cosmic rays detector (ready this fall, may be) - all kind of Rn detectors- bought- (integrated, no power; on-line , powered)

We may contribute with some expertise on chosing the less contaminated materials for the underground constructions and on building such as to elliminate the Rn from the rock from getting inside the buildings.

Dr. Cristina Bordeanu

Dr. Cristina Bordeanu Horia Hulubei - National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Department of Nuclear Physics - TANDEM (DFN-T 230) Str. Atomistilor nr.407 Bucharest-Magurele PO Box MG6 ROMANIA

phone:+4021-4042300, ext.4335, direct 4021-4046141 fax:+4021-4574440 cell 0766930472

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