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  1. Solid Shielding Materials: Reyco Henning
  • Will we simply provide space for experiments to stockpile their own material or will we proactively identify materials to stockpile (e.g. tungsten) which may be useful in the future?
  • Small parts protected from radon plateout
  • new storage techniques
  • common purge cabinets and other infrastructure
  • Engineering study (limited R&D) to study whether there is a cost-effective generic shield for prototypes and novel screeners, perhaps lead has become too expensive?
  • Shielded space for prototypes (quick turn-around mini-experiments)
  1. Liquids and Gases: Yuri
  • Radon-free air
  • Liquifier Plant, distribution
  • define purity requirements for these substances
  1. purified water: TBD
    • for water shield
    • wet lab
    • bio experiments

Engineering to identify all such applications and quantify

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