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Community Materials Assay Database Working Group

Charge: Our goal is to develop a Universal Materials Database for use by the community of researchers who need materials with low radioactivity for the construction of their experiments. This database will be portable and downloadable with a well-designed data format and high quality interface. It is envisioned to be a reference guide for the low-background community to organize and share data, much like the Particle Data Group (PDG) provides for the particle-physics community.

Goal: Our year 1 goal is to have a working version 1 of the database for use and demonstration to the community at the LRT2013 conference. In year 2 our goal is to polish and refine the database into a well developed tool.


Core Group
Name Institution/Experiment Email
Jodi Cooley SMU/SCDMS cooley
Adam Cox KIT/Cloudant adam.cox
James Loach SJTU/Majorana james.loach
Keith Adler SMU kadler
Matthew Bruemmer SMU mbruemmer
Zheng Li SJTU
Ben Wise SMU bwise
Advisory Group
Name Institution/Experiment Email
Prisca Cushman U Minnesota/SCDMS prisca
Klaus Eitel KIT klaus.eitel
Alfredo Ferella U Zurich ferella
Richard Ford SNOLAB ford
Jules Gascon Edelweiss j.gascon
Josef Jochum josef.jochum
Vitaly Kudryavtsev U. Sheffield V.Kudryavtsev
Jean Lanfranchim jean.lanfranchi
Ian Lawson SNOLAB Ian.Lawson
Pia Loaiza ploaiza
Alan Poon LBNL AWPoon
Franz Proebst proebst
Keenan Thomas LBNL
Mani Tripathi UC Davis/LUX mani
Anthony Villano U. Minnesota/SCDMS villaa


Date Agenda and Minutes Keywords
2013/03/20 Agenda and Minutes Current Progress and Tasks
2013/01/23 Agenda and Minutes Current Progress and Goals
2012/12/19 Agenda and Minutes tasks
2012/12/12 Agenda and Minutes tasks
2012/11/13 Agenda and Minutes tabular view, cloudant, persephone
2012/11/07 Agenda and Minutes Field Submit and Tabular View Specs
2012/10/31 Agenda and Minutes updates and where to go
2012/10/24 Agenda and Minutes Lucene, Cloudant
2012/10/17 Agenda and Minutes Lucene, Cloudant
2012/10/10 no minutes available Lucene, linux installations
2012/10/03 Agenda and Minutes Lucene
2012/09/17-18 Agenda and Minutes Loach visit to SMU
2011/12/05 Agenda and Minutes follow-up meeting
2011/11/21 Agenda and Minutes kick-off meeting

To do List

See weekly minutes for list of weekly tasks.


Different data views - tabular view, (interaction columns) [H]

  1. some data viewing/manipulation library

Security [H]

  1. allow secure use of user interface [H]
  2. investigate proper user/admin model [H]
  3. implement proper user/admin model [M]

Preferences capability [L]

  1. document-based (depends on user model)

Flexible document structure [M]

  1. code to handle this [M]
  2. position/implementation/storage/upgradability of data structure in code [L]
    1. JL prejudice is not to compartmentalize data structure from the code

Search [H]

  1. code needs to know what search services available
  2. simple fall-back (view+loop) in case none are available
  3. couchdb-lucene where available
  4. Cloudant Search (~couchdb-lucene) where available

Data download [M]

  1. CSV
  2. ROOT

Name / logo


Historical Data

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