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 +Sometimes while searching on the internet you come across an article that is pure garbage. I mean literally. You know that no human could possibly have written it. You are more than likely to be right. It was probably created by automated software. That will not happen with the best article spinner on the market. 
 +When I first started out online I tried an [[http://​​ref=c2aa|article spinner]] and it took me ages to figure the damn thing out and all the time it takes to go through chopping and changing each sentence, it's just as well going through it yourself and re-writing the article!! 
 +Furthermore,​ do you actually understand what normalised text looks like after it has had all the stop words removed and everything that is left reduced to its root? For any article spinner to be effective this is the level it would have to work at. 
 +The [[http://​​ref=c2aa|article spinners]] are created to be a quick way of selecting variations of different words and phrases within the article which can then be randomly selected to create unique articles. The problem with automatic spinners is the content that they generate is full of grammatical and spelling errors and will make very little sense to the reader. The best spinners are not created to be used as one click spinners, but instead require you to put in some extra time and effort to create a spun article that will allow you to generate hundreds of quality articles. 
 +I've never been one for using article spinners, I'd much rather re-write completely an article and add some pictures and other links in there, but then again some articles I don't rewrite unless I can add a new angle on the previous one and scatter them around on the internet. 
 +Rewriting your articles is a smart way to increase your output. Now with leading edge technology the best [[http://​​ref=c2aa|article spinner]] ever developed delivers what it promises. No more automated gobbly-gook that has to be rewritten to be published. 
 +Article spinners are tools that take one article and attempt to create, or spin, hundreds of unique articles based on the original. Well, that’s what it says on the box, but does article spinning really work? 
 +An article spinner allows you to use your original article and select alternative words or phrases which can then be switched at random to create “spun” articles. This creates hundreds of different pieces of content which are unique enough that your readers won’t recognise it, but will have the same meaning. 
 +Hello Jack, congrats on reaching the score of 100 for a start. Yes this is indeed an excellent hub. Great to see others contributing as well. Now I use an [[http://​​ref=c2aa|article spinner]], can I hear the groans already? Anyway, this list and the contributions is an excellent way to submit high quality spun articles targeting a keyword. This way your assurred of getting good solid backlinks. 
 +Using an article spinner is very tempting. You are promised the ability to spin out 20-30 articles with the touch of a button. But, that is the problem. Those articles are spun, spit out as gibberish. Why? Because they randomly substitute words with synonyms and use a thesaurus. They do not rewrite the article. 
 +While marketing a variety of sites online, including international bespoke conservatory manufacturers and luxury christmas gift websites the author has tested several article spinners to try and find the best spinner. After reviewing several pieces of software he now uses “Spin Rewriter” to create content for a variety of online marketing techniques. 
 +The bad aspect is that it takes a large amount of time from you. Time that could have used to produce a new article. Even though you will have plenty of articles, you will want new ones with various topics. You are going to need more than one topic, so you shouldn'​t stick to article spinning only. It's a smart idea to write a new article every day or two. They may have grammar errors or be incoherent if you use the wrong words too.Try to balance the two out. Write new articles and test them to see if they need improvement. 
 +If they fail the testing reword them until there good. If they make some money than spin the article. Too many people do high number spins like 25-50 but I do not recommend this. You would have to use many different words and that could take too much time. There are a lot of different spinners you can use and several positives and negatives that go with each one. Spin Rewriter-This is undoubtedly the best [[http://​​ref=c2aa|Article Spinner]] I have tried. It is a tool used at Wealthy Affiliate. The article spinning interface is easier and better to use than any other article spinner. A thesaurus is built in and it allows you to check optimized results and broad results for your article marketing campaigns. If you don't like to write, than you can use the PLR articles that comes with Wealthy Affiliate. For all you SEO fanatics, Spin Rewriter also comes with a keyword density and spell checker. This is really good for SEO! Spin Rewriter is just one tool you get. SR also comes with useful tools like a Link Cloaker/​Tracker,​ Internet Marketing guide, Free Website Builder, PPC Tools, Affiliate List of Top Selling Clickbank products, etc. 
 +Jetspinner- An average [[http://​​ref=c2aa|Article Spinner]]. This was first one I used and what made me want to start article spinning. The interface in which you spin articles is complicated and confusing. It has a bit of a learning curve. Also as far as I know the 400 directories don't exist anymore. You don't really get anything for upgrading. Spin Profit-Another alright article spinner. Jetspinner is very similar. Spin profit uses tags as well which once again is very confusing after awhile. As far as I know Spin Rewriter is the only 1 that does not use tags, which makes it easier to use and saves hours. If your on a Bum Budget than this one can work for the time being.  
 +In the end, Article Spinning does work. The person spinning must be patient though. Resist paying other people to spin it because it is a temporary solution and it's not worth the price either. t's a better idea to use that money to sign up for [[http://​​ref=c2aa|Spin Rewirtier]]. You will get Spin Rewriter and access to the best internet marketing tools known to man.
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