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Lab Quiz

General Info

The lab quiz is run through the WebVista class website created for your Physics course. The lab quiz is comprised of sets of questions grouped into assessments relevant to the weekly lab topic. The lab quiz is intended to be completed before students attend lab to help ensure they are prepared to complete that weeks lab.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the lab quiz, please email lab@physics.umn.edu

Instructor Info

To be able to use the lab quiz for your course, you need to request a WebVista site. The request form is available online by clicking HERE! Please enter the x.500 id albis001 into the request form as a designer. If this is not done, support will be delayed!!

The WebVista site for your course has many features. You, or one of your lead Teaching Assistants, should become familiar with some of it's general features and functions. The lab quiz is run through the Assessments function of the WebVista site. Inside the Assessments you will see an option to view the Questions Database. If you don't see any questions loaded into your site, email for support.

The questions for each course are labeled by lab number and relevant problems, they can be assembled in any order you wish. If you find problems or errors with any of the questions in the database, please send an email for support. Please be as specific as possible (including question name and specifics of what needs attention.) If you make your own questions, or edit current questions, please append a + sign to the name so I can update the questions database for the next semester.

Key Skills

In order to run the lab quiz using WebVista , you will need to be able to do a few actions.

  • Create Assessments out of individual questions from the Questions Database if you are not using a standard set already created.
  • Edit settings on Assessments to score the quizzes, release answers and change other settings such as the time allowed to take each assessment.
  • Make the quiz open to students by moving to the Course Content and making it viewable.

If you need help with creating assessments or editing questions, please contact Sean (lab@physics.umn.edu) and he will help out.

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