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Apple Mail Setup

  • Not much has changed since our last how-to article for OSX 10.3, but this article should also address everything necessary to set up your Physics email account on your Macintosh OSX computer
  • This guide used OSX Yosemite (10.10) and Mail version 8.2 - though settings are fairly consistent across all versions
  • This how-to is nearly identical to the setup of Mail for iPhones as well


  • (1.) With Mail open, you will either be prompted to set up an account or need to navigate to Mail → Accounts…

  • (2.) Enter your full name, physics email address and password. Then click Create.

  • (3.) You will likely be prompted to enter the Incoming Mail Server Info, which is as pictured below. The settings for the Outgoing Mail server are the same (though may not be necessary)

Common Issues

  • If you are having issues please verify you have the correct login credentials. Simplest way is to go to our webmail page and try to log in.
  • If necessary you may need to manually enter the Incoming/Outgoing mail server port numbers (Advanced Settings)
    • Incoming: Use port 143 and SSL
    • Outgoing: Use port 587 and SSL
  • Verify that you are using IMAP server settings and not POP (seen in step 3 above)
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