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Accessing umn.edu gmail with Thunderbird

This page contains instructions on how to view your umn.edu gmail with Thunderbird.
You can add Non-University accounts as well, but we do not offer support for doing so.

<note>There is no guarantee that this information is up-to-date. OIT offers a similar guide which is likely better maintained.</note>

Step 1: Create Your Google Desktop password

This step is no longer needed - there is no separate mobile password.

Use your regular umn.edu internet (x500) password

Step 2: Enable IMAP in Gmail

Follow Google's instructions on enabling IMAP.
Most Gmail users will find this is enabled by default.

Step 3: Adding your Gmail account to Thunderbird

Go to File → New → Existing Mail Account (Press the ALT key if the File menu is hidden)

Enter your name, U of M Gmail address and password you created in step 1, then click “Continue”

Thunderbird will attempt to set things up automatically, but usually fail to do so.
Fill out the information to exactly match the contents of the red box.
Ensure your name in the blue box has '@umn.edu' after it, then click “Re-Test”
If the error disappears, click “Done.” Otherwise, verify all the information is correct and try again.

Your Gmail inbox should now show up in the left side of Thunderbird.

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