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Computing Support Transition


  • The main focus will be on transitioning redundant services such as email, class management/grading and windows desktop support to University supported methods and applications.
    • There will also be a focus on providing a better user experience and updated applications in many computing applications
    • Computing support will also be available at greater

Contact Information

  • net@physics.umn.edu remains the main contact email
  • 626-1139 should be used for urgent requests
  • PAN 370 is currently the main SPA support office

Transitional Services Statuses

At this time no services have changed.

Service Transitions

Email and Collaboration Services


  • Over time all email accounts will be migrated to University supported email services
  • The benefits to this are far reaching:
    • Higher reliability/uptime
    • Enhanced malicious email scanning
    • Availability on multiple devices
    • Time/Effort/Resources saved on local IT support
    • Etc.
  • At this time there is no requirement to change, however many of these benefits can be realized simply by setting up email forwarding in MyPhys

Class Management

  • The University offers these services at no charge for the school as well as various training when necessary

Class Pages

  • Moodle is what has been used in the past
  • Canvas is what will likely be used in the future
  • CSE-IT and Physics IT are exploring options to move the class page archives to an updated website interface


  • This type of data is too sensitive to maintain on local servers and websites

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