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Toshiba copiers

Drivers for the Toshiba copiers are available from the MyPhys Downloads page (toshiba folder). The available files are:

  • TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_X4.dmg.gz - for Mac OS 10.4-10.6
  • TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_X7.dmg.gz - for Mac OS 10.7+
  • eb4-Ps-3264bit-710630480.zip - for Windows
  • TOSHIBA_eS451c_453cSrs.dmg.gz - for older eStudio 451c - Mac OS 10.4-10.6

If you need to download a different driver direct from Toshiba, their downloads page can be found here:

<note warning> In contrast to the Xerox machines, you do need to provide your MyPhys copy code in order to print, otherwise the copiers will reject your print jobs.

They are set up this way to prevent runaway color printing costs, and unfortunately they do not let us treat color separately from b&w.

When a copy code is missing, the copier actually holds your job for later. You can visit the device web page and find your print job in the list, and release it for printing by providing your code there. Visit http://toshiba-pan-311.spa.umn.edu or http://toshiba-3sw.spa.umn.edu </note>

Mac OS

Running the installer downloaded above is quite straightforward, and doesn't require answering any questions. You can then

These directions were created for Mac OS 10.7:

  • Install the appropriate driver from the MyPhys downloads page
  • Add a new printer using Print Manager (using either system prefs or via the print dialog in an application)
  • First remove the printer if you tried to add it before.
  • Click plus to add a new printer.
  • Choose “IP printer” tab at the top.
  • For protocol, choose “HP JetDirect”.
  • enter the printer name, “toshiba-mifa.spa.umn.edu (MIFA) or “toshiba-ftpi.spa.umn.edu” (FTPI).
  • Finally, you may be asked about “installable options”. The correct settings for these printers are:
    • Finisher: Multi Position Stapler
    • Drawers: LCF

You need to enter your department printing code, otherwise the copiers will reject print jobs. The code needs to be entered when you go to print, not when you install the printer.

  • In any application, click “File”…“Print” to open a print dialog. Choose the toshiba copier.
  • In the third menu (“Copies and Pages”) choose “Print Mode”.
  • Make sure the first box is set to “Normal”, and the second is set to “Department Code - Enabled” and enter your department code in the box to the right. To avoid printing excess pages, set “Do not Print Blank Pages - Enabled”. Note that if you open the 3rd popup menu again and go to “Layout”, you may specify multiple-up (multiple pages per sheet) and duplex (double-sided) options.
  • In order for the computer to permanently remember your Department Code, you must save this as a “Preset”. In the 2nd “Presets” popup menu, choose 'Save As…”, and save it with a descriptive name indicating you've entered the Department Code (DC) for the copiers. Your computer will default to this preset on this printer in every program, from now on.


To have the computer remember your copier code, do the following:

  • Windows 7
    • Open Start Menu → “Printers and Devices”
    • Right-click the copier that was installed and select “Printing Preferences”
    • The location for the setting depends on the copier model and the version of the driver. Here are the two possibilities we have seen:
      1. In the “Layout” tab select “Advanced”. Then under the “Printer Features” header, make sure the following values are set: Department Code- Enabled; DC Digit 1-5 containing your copier code number.
      2. In the “Other” tab, type your code into the “Department Code” field.
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