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Printing to Xerox copiers

Printing to the copiers should already be set up on our dept-managed Windows (active directory) and linux systems. These are very basic outline directions for self-managed computers

You should download and install the most recent driver from Xerox. Of the available options, the driver we use for Windows is the Xerox Global Postscript print driver, which should work for any of our Xerox network printers, as well as the copiers.

After installing the driver, proceed with setup using the standard method for “jetdirect” (port 9100) printing.

<note> Printing to the Xerox copiers (and faxing via the 147 copier) no longer requires a copy code, although regular copying does. </note>

Printing by web

The Xerox copiers also support printing by uploading a file through the web. This should work for any print-ready file including Postscript or PDF, and avoids any need for you to install a driver. This will only work from a university network connection

  1. visit the print page for the required copier (note, you may be asked to accept a new SSL certificate to connect to these pages):
  2. use the “Browse” button to locate the file you want to print
  3. click Submit job
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