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Linux Desktop Environment

Two desktop environments are available on the linux systems: KDE and GNOME. The default is KDE. To switch desktop environments you must be logged out and at the hellolinux login screen. Click Options and then Select Session...

Changing screen resolution


If you want to change your screen resolution from the system default, you can use the screen resize and rotate utility, under the system tools KDE menu.

There is also a KDE tray tool that can be started by typing krandrtray in a xterm window.


To change the screen resolution from the default, use the Screen Resolution tool under the Preferences GNOME Applications menu.

Command Line

From the command line, you can use the xrandr utility.

  • Get a list of available resolutions with the command “xrandr -q”. This will give you a list of resolutions, each one has an index number with the default being 0.
  • Change your resolution using “xrandr -s n”, where n is the index.
  • If for some reason you lose the display (eg the monitor won't sync), hit up arrow, delete, zero, enter (to set it back to index 0).
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