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Linux and Unix version support


We support Scientific Linux, which is an RHEL derivative similar to CentOS.

  • CentOS 7
  • CentOS7 will replace Scientific Linux 6.
  • CentOS8 Stream may be supported in the future.
  • Scientific Linux 6 has reached End of Life
    • this is our mainstream version for compute servers and desktop workstations
    • we only install the x64 version of SL6, not the 32-bit version.
    • Support runs until 11/2020
  • Scientific Linux 5 has reached End of Life
    • legacy version for older applications which require it.
    • i386 and X86_64
    • Some libraries and desktop applications may not be available on 64-bit (X86_64) installs
    • Some features (for example, xfs file systems) are not available on 32-bit installs
    • Support runs until 03/2017
  • Scientific Linux 4 has reached End of Life
    • no longer supported as of February 2012


  • FreeBSD 9.x and 10.x, X86_64 64-bit only
    • Some departmental infrastructure runs on FreeBSD.
    • Most systems are not accessible for login by non-IT staff.
    • This is only listed so you can be aware some other types of system exist. For example, some department web servers run on linux and some on FreeBSD. Depending on the site, you may have code which is running on a BSD system rather than linux, and may not run in the same way.
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