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Mapping a drive in Windows

This shows you how to map a windows network drive to your Physics unix home directory.

You can use a similar setup to map a drive to other shares, for example group shares hosted on \\physgroups.spa.umn.edu

Open Computer

Click Map Network Drive

On the Map Network Drive window, choose the drive the drive letter you would like to map the drive to

In the Folder field, type the name of the network share you want to connect to by typing \\physhome.spa.umn.edu\username

For example, if your username was smith you would type \\physhome.spa.umn.edu\smith

Make sure to check the “Reconnect at logon” and “Connect using different credentials” boxes. Click Finish.

In the Windows Security dialog type your physics username starting with SPA\, and your physics password.

Check remember my credentials.

Click OK

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