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Sub-Administrator Account with the School of Physics & Astronomy

One member of each research area may be designated by faculty to hold an account on departmental windows computers with admin privileges. These privileges are only to be used to install additional software or drivers required for operation. The sub-admin account holder must sign an agreement on use annually (below)

Account Details:

Full Name:

X500 id, physid, or employee id:

Administrative Access to OU (Which lab or group):

Sub-Administrator Account Agreement:

Print this page, sign it, and return to room S43

In order to receive a sub-administrator account, I agree to the following:

  • Sub-Admin Accounts are only for installing software or drivers, or to make configuration changes to support university business.
  • Accounts may not be shared. I am responsible to log-in and perform administrative tasks for all the managed computers in my group. I will not give others my password.
  • If I break the operating system, computing will not spend time trying to un-break it for me. They will only be able to re-image it back to it's original state.
  • I will not log-in using my sub-admin account except for when doing administrative tasks.
  • I will not change, disable, or add software in the following categories: Anti-virus, anti-spyware and admin agent.
  • Updates to standard software included in our image such as firefox, flash, java, silverlite and more are pushed out by us. Do not manually upgrade or change them unless needed for university business (or you may break our updates!). For example, stay with the version of firefox included unless you have a business need to change it.
  • The C: drive belongs to physics, and will not be used to store data, except in the C:\SCRATCH directory for short-term local caching of data only. You will not create or modify other directories on the C: drive for purposes of data storage. (Talk to us instead, we have solutions to disk space needs.)
  • Old software which does not explicitly support windows 7 on x86_64 may not work, and we will not spend time trying to make old software work when more current software is available.
Signed: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________
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