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Network connection help

Wired - PAN

Wired connections in PAN are provided by Physics computing, not by University networking.

If your computer is registered but you are not getting a connection, then first check for a link light (usually on the network socket of your computer). This will tell us if the jack you are using is active (you could also try another jack, if available).

If you need to contact us for help, please be sure to provide your location, and the MAC hardware address of the device in question.

Wireless (everywhere), and wired (outside PAN)

Physics IT does not provide direct support for the wireless network, or for wired connections outside of PAN; these are provided by the University campus networking group.

If you have trouble with wireless connectivity you need to contact 1-HELP.

However you can enhance your chances of solving your problem in several ways.

  1. if your colleagues in the same or adjacent offices also have problems, get them to also report it to 1-HELP. The more people report an issue, the more likely something will be done.
    1. If you are in a dead zone, you may just be out of luck.
    2. If you are not in a dead zone, you may have driver issues on your device (1-HELP should be able to assist)
    3. If multiple people have problems in the same area, there could be a fault with the network equipment; again 1-HELP may be able to help, or we may be able to help escalate the issue.
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