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Physics Network Registration and Configuration

The wired network jacks in the Physics-occupied areas of Physics & Nanotechnology and Tate Hall are operated by the University.

To connect any device to the Physics network, you must first register it using the directions below, and agree to abide by our network security policy.

<note> Only full members of CSEIT can register devices on the network. In general, only University-owned (not personal) devices are allowed on the wired network.

</note> To register a computer for use on the Physics network, follow these steps:

  1. First, find the network hardware (MAC) address of your computer. OIT has some information on how to do this.
  2. Ignore all instructions that don't involve finding your MAC address.
  3. Contact csehelp@umn.edu with the MAC address, Room and Jack location you need.

<note warning>


Changing your network registrations


All systems in the School of Physics and Astronomy should use DHCP to configure their network address. You should never enter address information into your computer manually.

You can use the network tools to list your currently registered network devices, change or remove them, or add additional ones.

Fixed Network Addresses

If you need a fixed address, you should still register it using the online tool. You might need a static address for a server or other devices such as network printers.

In the registration tool, check the box to request a static address. We will register the hostname and assign an IP address for you. You should still configure your computer to use DHCP; our network will provide the assigned fixed address.

If you have special networking needs, Contact Us.

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