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  • FileZilla allows you to access our file servers from your personal computer.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Open source and free, download here

<note> This should generally only be used to access small files stored within home directories.

Do not use for large size file transfers! </note>


  • Download here and install. Watch out for some settings that try to change you home pages, search engines, etc.
  • After installing you should see something like the following:

  • The host is the server/computer you are trying to connect to, we suggest ssh.physics.umn.edu for light-duty use
  • Username and Password are your physics credentials
  • Port 22 is the standard ssh port (use Port 22)
  • You will probably get a pop-up complaining that your computer doesn't know the computer you are connecting to - make sure the Host name is typed in correctly and hit okay.

  • You should now be connected and able to browse your home directory, download files, etc. Hooray!
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