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Directory People Autocompleter

The Directory People Autocompleter is used throughout the site to allow the easy selection of a physics person from the department directory.

Using the Autocompleter

For an example we will look at the My Groups interface. At first glance the autocompleter looks like a regular textbox:

  • My Groups Interface Screenshot

Begin to type the name or e-mail of a user in the physics directory, however, and the autocompleter feature become apparent:

  • Autocompleter Screenshot

To select the person you want use either the mouse, or the arrow keys and enter on your keyboard:

  • Autocompleter Screenshot #2

Why is the Autocompleter not working for me?

No suggestions shown while typing may be due to the following:

  • No matching name or e-mail address are found in the physics directory
  • JavaScript is disabled in your web browser, or you are using a web browser which does not support the Autocompleter. Try the JavaScript Test to determine if your browser is JavaScript capable.

What if my browser does not support the Autocompleter?

The textbox can still be used to specify physics people even if your browser does not support the Autocompleter. Simply identify the user using one of the supported formats:

  • Lastname, Firstname
  • Firstname Lastname
  • physid@physics.umn.edu
  • x500@umn.edu
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