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For issues with the main School web site or wiki pages, please send your query to web@physics.umn.edu

For a quick start to publish web pages from your Physics account, carry out the steps given in the section Personal web pages. The section Tools gives a quick introduction to some software you might find useful when creating your pages. The rest of this page attempts to give a few pointers to resources we've found useful on the web. Some of them are reference works, some are highly opinionated…

Physics Specific Web Publishing Help

Physics has several options for you to publish your own web content, though the main one to consider for most purposes is our wiki system.

University of Minnesota web resources

The university itself has many web publishing offerings. You should definitely consider these if you have needs which aren't met by the Physics systems outlined above.

You can find out more at http://it.umn.edu/website-content

Some useful web publishing resources

You should consult the University of Minnesota World Wide Web publishing guidelines, at least some of which is sensible advice (it also does contain some requirements for university-hosted pages).

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