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Travel grants to attend research conferences

Here is some information about how the department will support you if you want to go to a conference or workshop.

Who is eligible?

Graduate students in the School of Physics and Astronomy who have been accepted as speakers or as poster presenters at a conference or APS meeting (or equivalent meeting). Interested students should contact their DGS for more information.

This award is meant to match funds provided by your adviser. At the time of the award, the adviser will be asked to provide the account information that will cover the other half of the travel expenses.

How much can you get?

Your lump-sum award will be approximately half of your estimated total travel costs subject to a maximum of \$750 per trip and a $1500 career total. After the trip, if your actual expenses are less than what you estimated, the award will be reduced accordingly.

How often can I use this fund?

As many times as you want as long as the career total of $1500 is not exceeded.

How do you apply for it?

Travel awards will be given as lump-sum travel fellowships. Students must submit a formal request BEFORE travel begins. To apply for travel funds, complete the Travel Grant request form. If approved, the student will receive a fellowship not to exceed $750 or half of the total estimated cost of the trip, whichever is less.

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