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Tips to Live Safely and Comfortably during Winter in Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota can be very beautiful. Snowfalls are often followed by a sharp drop in temperature and clear blue skies. Here are some activities and tips to enjoy winter:

Winter Sports

Outdoor winter sports can be very enjoyable and healthy. Here are some possibilities.

Physical exertion may cause you to perspire so you should stay hydrated and wear layers of clothing that can be removed as appropriate.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for more winter activities.

Winter Clothing

It is important to wear proper clothing when it is cold. This is especially true for sub-zero (Fahrenheit) temperatures. The extremities, such as nose, ears, fingers and toes, are the first to get frostbite (or freeze). Windy conditions call for extra precautions. The wind carries away the thin insulating layer of air next to the skin, causing frostbite to exposed areas more quickly. The higher the wind speed the faster heat is carried away and the colder it feels. Exposed skin can frostbite in as little as two minutes if the wind chill temperature is very low. The following articles are strongly recommended.

  • hat - a lot of heat escapes from your head in cold weather
  • ear muffs - if your hat does not cover your ears
  • winter coat - keep wind and cold air out and warm air in
  • thermally insulated mittens (preferred for very cold weather) or gloves
  • warm socks (cotton, wool, or thermally insulated)
  • thermally insulated boots (for the cold and the snow) - tennis shoes or sneakers are not adequate
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