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1700 level, nearest station to Yates/Ross, train passes nearby but not often. There is some water dripping nearby, not clear if we can improve it. There is water draining down a hole to the next level. There is some air flow, but does not seem significant.

Install sheet: 1700.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000B6A3972F6
Q330 tag 1436
Q330 IP
Sensor type STS-2
Sensor serial 60118
Baler tag 05206
GPS transceiver serial DY5A10111
Switch label Don't know.

The Q330 and Baler were swapped out on 5/22/2015 by Tanner and Daniel. This information is relevant for the old Q330 and Baler that were at this station. The table above reflects the current status of the station.

Old site information

Q330 serial 0100000B69D6AB99
Q330 tag 1411
Baler tag 05384

Site log

Date Comments Update by
03/25/2015 Installed full station (Tanner, Pat, Tom). Network and GPS timing currently not available, but the entire station is set up and ready. Jamey should be able to plug in GPS and network when those are available. Tanner
04/01/2015 Used the Octans to align the station; centered the seismometer after alignment. Tanner
04/16/2015 Network and GPS timing connected by Jamey. Tanner looked at the station remotely; the Q330 can see the satellite constellation but doesn't seem to be locking. Clock quality at 0% after several hours of waiting. Tanner
04/22/2015 PASSCAL indicates that the GPS unit in this Q330 may be bad and we should swap out the Q330. Tanner
05/18/2015 Tanner, Daniel, and Gary visited the station to swap the Q330. After connecting the new Q330, they observed an ANALOG FAULT. They replaced the old Q330 and observed this again. All the equipment was removed to the surface for testing. Note: the water level and amount of water flow at this site seem greatly reduced compared to previous visits. Tanner
05/21/2015 Tanner and Daniel visited the station and found a loose wire in the connector that connects the GPS transceiver to the Q330 EXT GPS port. They fixed it and the ANALOG FAULT went away and the station began syncing with the GPS clock. It is not clear whether the original Q330 at this station had an issue or not, but we replaced it to be sure. Tanner

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photo 2

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photo 1

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