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2000 level, north 9 ledge. On the side of a drift. Some standing water nearby. Northernmost underground station in the array.

Install sheet: 2000e.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000A27ACC88D
Q330 tag 849
Q330 IP
Sensor type STS-2
Sensor serial 40344
Baler tag 07013
GPS transceiver serial DY5A10108
Switch label 2000 SW 3

Site log

Date Comments Update by
03/24/2015 Constructed foam huts and laid the granite tile. Tanner
03/25/2015 Pat and Tanner installed the station, everything is working. Tanner
03/27/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
04/01/2015 Used the Octans to align the seismometer. The seismometer was centered after the alignment. Tanner
04/06/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
05/18/2015 Tanner, Gary, and Daniel visited the station to investigate the cause of the noisy data and tilt events. The grout is peeling off a bit around the granite tile and may be doing the same underneath, although the tile seems firmly secured. The concrete is also very bad at this station. We decided that this station may need a major overhaul, which we will not be able to address on this trip. Tanner
09/09/2015 New concrete poured and tile laid. Seismometer seems unlevel (remote centering fails, two masses stuck on rails). Tanner
12/03/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Previous problem must have been resolved, station has been running fine for last few months. Tanner
06/17/2016 Centered seismometer remotely. Tanner

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