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Surface site near the Water Treatment Plant. On Lab property, close to water treatment facilities which could introduce some vibrations. On a slope, may be difficult to access in snow.

Status: Installed concrete pad, retaining wall, insulation, and the solar panel post. Need to install the solar panel, radio, define a place for electronics.

Install sheet: wtp.pdf

Site information

Q330 serial 0100000B69D79318
Q330 tag 1400
Q330 IP
Sensor type STS-2
Sensor serial 109805
Baler tag 06169
Wilan IP

Site log

Date Comments Update by
01/22/2015 Tanner, Gary, and Daniel installed the full station. We can't talk to the radio from the master. Gary thinks it may be a line-of-sight issue. Tanner
03/31/2015 Tanner and Daniel installed a Yagi antenna and were able to make a connection to the master radio. Things seem to be working. Tanner
08/03/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
09/09/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
10/21/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
10/26/2015 Seismometer mass positions still stuck, centered again. Seems better after the last centering, but should keep an eye on it still. Tanner
12/03/2015 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
06/18/2016 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
06/20/2016 Seismometer centered remotely. Tanner
08/08/2016 Seismometer still seems to be stuck, tried recentering it remotely. Tanner
09/26/2016 Gary, Daniel and Voon remeasured orientation at station removal, found it to be 24 degrees off Vuk

photo 1

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