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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 04/07/2016

Attending: Daniel, Gary, Ross, Gwynne, Terry, Vuk, Tanner


  1. Homestake array
    • Wind damage at Yates Yates wind damage
      • Gary: add more guy wires to strengthen the solar panel pole. Should have more wires, buckles, stakes. Could try to use the same hole for the pole, but will have to decide in situ.
      • Telemetry and power are actually still ok.
      • Try to orient the solar panel carefully to minimize the wind impact.
      • Should drive by the other sites as well to check if any other station fell. We might not know it from the monitoring data.
      • Ross is monitoring next week, will keep an eye on surface stations to check if any of them shows signs of failure.
    • status of stations (WTP, Yates, 800)
    • Next visit: Apr 15-24
      • On the first day, have to make sure the spare balers are clean. Then the following day go to surface stations with the clean balers and go through the swapping procedure. Then download the data from balers, be 100% sure you got 2 copies of the data, then clean them. Bring some USB sticks to put a copy of the data on them.
      • Pat and Terry should prep for doing all these procedures. Gary will write up instructions. Basically, set up a local network between balers and the laptop, give IP address to each baler sequentially. Once they are all going, start several wget processes to copy the data onto the laptop.
      • PASSCAL sent the package for downloading data, can do up to 7 at a time. Package at IU now, Terry will bring it.
      • Pat and Terry found a house (airbnb) so they can download data at the house overnight (and during the day, while visiting other stations).
      • Try to get Yates fixed as early as possible. Try to visit it on Friday before the office closes. Use Friday getting everything together. Then the weather may drive when you can do Yates. Put fixing Yates for Saturday in the workplan, adjust the other work correspondingly.
      • Could try to get some bales of hay or straw to throw on top of the surface sensors, to minimize the impact of the sun/heat during the summer. The sand bags we used disintegrated over time, so may have to revisit this. Mulch could be a good solution too.
  1. data analysis updates
    • Weight Drop Source Processing update april7weightdroptiming.pptx: Gary developed a technique to estimate the time delay between successive shots. Then use a shot that is nearest to one of our existing stations (which have absolute time) to get the absolute time for all the shots in that array.
  1. Next meeting 2 weeks from now, if necessary.
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