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Homestake Meeting Minutes, 10/18/17

Attending: Daniel, Ross, Pat, Andrew, Vuk, Michael


  • Next Meeting: Vuk will circulate doodle poll, it seems there are conflicts with current time.
  • Data analysis topics
    • Data corrections, frame production (Gary/Daniel/Pat)
      • Has data in IRIS been updated? Check with Gary?
    • Event catalog (Gary/Ross)
    • Radiometer updates (Pat, Andrew)
      • looking at the transverse to vertical phase, to find the Rayleigh wave (90 degree phase).
      • tried to run the radiometer on the data around 1.5 Hz, which seems to be coming from a direction about 68 degrees east of north. Find that radiometer gives 22 degrees north of east, which seems consistent. Some concerns: the data at this frequency has periodic turn ons/offs, so it may be local, in which case the waves would not be plane waves.
      • Looked at earthquakes too, but not ready to present.
      • Plan to present at the next meeting, will try to have some slides with applications to different data.
    • Parameter estimation for Rayleigh and Love (Pat)
    • Teleseismic events and Wiener filtering (Daniel, Michael)
    • Very-long-periods (Ross)
      • Circulated a figure comparing power in Homestake and Pinon flat arrays. Up to 1000x better noise in the Homestake array at 2mHz, depending on the frequency. figure
      • Will use this for the methods paper, didn't see the very long periods in the Pinon Flats. Will use to demonstrate why Homestake data can reveal these periods.
      • Method paper is nearly done, will also write a results paper
    • Velocity from noise correlations (Daniel)
      • Model selection?
    • Pull together all velocity measurements to start making comparisons (all)
  • Papers
    • Homestake Array Summary paper:
      • Leads: Vuk, Gary, Victor
      • target: Seism. Research Lett., 6000 words, 10 figures.
      • Paper should be in a very mature state. Vuk will take another look, check emails from Gary, and if there are no issues will submit.
  • Active excitation overview paper
    • Leads: Gary, Ross
    • Others: Victor, Daniel,…
    • Will discuss at the next call.
  • Surface Active Excitation
    • Leads: Victor, Boise
    • Others: Gary, Ross
    • Plan to invite the Boise group to give us a presentation in Sep or Oct 2017, when they are ready with their paper.
  • Underground Active Excitation:
    • Lead: Gary, Ross
  • Parameter estimation for the Rayleigh and Love eigenfunctions (amplitude vs depth dependence).
    • Leads: Pat, Daniel
    • Also contributing: Victor, Vuk, Levi
    • Novel, but maybe insufficient for a publication. Could use the eigenfunction measurement for Rayleigh and assume something about Rayleigh field to make preliminary estimates of the Newtonian noise.
  • Estimating directional and modal composition of the seismic noise. (Pat, Levi, Vuk)
    • Leads: Pat, Vuk, Levi
  • Wiener filter application
    • Leads: Jan, Michael
    • Michael with check with Jan, there may be more work to be done on it before circulation.
  • Teleseismic EQs and near-surface scattering
    • Leads: Daniel, Victor
  • Time-variable velocity changes
    • Lead: Victor, not started yet
  • Very low frequency harmonics (Ross)
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