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This is an outline of the meeting held at PAN 120 at 2:00 on Wednesday July 5, 2017

Attendees : Ken Heller, Nathaniel Pearson, Jason Bono, Dan Ambrose, Fawzi Abusarma, Kate Ciampa,
Farhan Abid, Jacob Christy, Cole Kampa, Sam Penders

Agenda :

Farhan : Straw Pallet and Loading Pallet Prototypes new_pallets.pptx
Cole : Git-Hub Repository and Resistance measurement 7-5-17_github_resistancemeasurement.pptx
Sam : Straw Termination Center and Stretch test sam_7_5_2017.pdf
Kate : Mylar Thickness ciampa705.pdf

Goals for the coming week

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