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Building Facilities


Note: These are the confirmed construction drawings for PAN as of 2012. They do not include changes made during construction, the build-outs of shelled space or lab fit-ups. Official changes during construction, including the build-outs of shelled space, are documented through proposal requests. Paul Crowell may have these. Lab fit-ups are not documented.

volume_1.pdf - This includes architectural drawings.
volume_2.pdf - This includes plumbing and mechanical drawings.
volume_3.pdf - This includes electrical drawings.
volume_4.pdf - Cleanroom.

Facilities problems

eg, leaks, ventilation problems, temperature control, etc.)

  1. Call 624-2900 (facilities management service desk) to report the problem. For PAN, the dispatcher may not know that the building exists yet - giving them the address may help (115 Union Street SE front door; 140 Harvard St SE dock)

Cooling water hook-ups (PAN)

This sytem runs at much higher presssure than the system in Tate. It can be 100 psi in the basement. You must use properly rated hose and fittings. Fiber reinforced flexible PVC with hose barb fittings is standard. If you are using garden hose, it should be “heavy dut,” and make sure it is rated for at least 125 psig. If you want to use garden-hose style fittings (for example, if you detach cooling water lines frequently), DO NOT use the ones from the chemistry stockroom. Buy the appropriate brass adapters from McMaster Carr. If in doubt, please ask someone from Crowell or Dahlberg groups.

If you are inserting a short piece of hose in your system between two fixed points, you must put a loop in it. If you try to put in short piece without a loop, there will be a significant strain on the fittings, and they are more likely to leak. Do not worry about an extra two feet of hose.

Without getting into technical details: 1. This is a closed system with variable speed pumps. It is separated from the campus sytem by heat exchangers. 2. It is currently quite clean. Most people are putting in filters. Filters are generally to protect your instrumentation, and inserting them is up to you. If you have something full of sludge from the Tate system, please flush it before inserting it into the loop. 3. The water is not supposed to be “cold”. The system is designed to run about the dew point, so that we do not have condensation problems. 4. Most termination points have a bypass, which is currently open. Depending on the impedance of your load, you should close this valve when you hook up your load. Please leave the bypass on unused termination points OPEN.

HVAC (Ventilation and temperature control) in PAN

NOTE: The temperature and ventilation settings for PAN are all modified centrally. DO NOT bother trying to set a thermostat - it does nothing. Depending on the time of day and day of the week, the system may run with a space unocupied or only when it is occupied. If you need to change the settings in your office, please contact Shelley. If you need to change the settings in your lab (for example to 24/7), please contact Jay Denny (denn0013@umn.edu) directly. You will need to justify decoupling the HVAC from occupancy status, but it CAN be done.


<note warning> For any life safety emergencies, call 911! To be sure, provide the address and location within the building, in case the phone location information is incorrect (particularly within PAN while moves take place). </note>

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