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Radon Abatement Working Group

A conclusion of the March 2014 AARM meeting is that we should pursue detailed studies of radon plate-out and diffusion. Radon plate-out and diffusion are topics of interest to the greater low-background community. A great deal of work has been done in the study of radon plate-out and radon diffusion. Studies point to environmental factors playing a large role.


Name Institution/Experiment Email
Ray Bunker Syracuse/SDSMT
Jodi Cooley SMU
Jeter Hall PNNL
Eric Hoppe PNNL
John Orell PNNL
Richard Schnee Syracuse/SDSMT
Steve Sekula SMU


We will use Big Blue Button. Instructions below:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Enter your name in the box 'Full Name'. This is how your name will be displayed for everyone to see.
  3. Select 'Virtual Room - AARM Conference Room' from the pull down session menu.
  4. Enter the pswd for the conference 'faarm'. Note it is case sensitive.
  5. Hit the 'Join' button.

Once the session starts you will be prompted to 'allow' or 'deny' flash settings. You should select 'allow'. Then you will see a box to test your audio settings. If everything looks good hit 'Join Audio'.

Date Agenda and Minutes Keywords
2014/07/14 Agenda and Minutes Planning


  • Details about Pernuna (XIA alpha particle counter) can be found here.

Relevant Papers and Information

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