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At the University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy, we recognize that there are many reasons to pursue a physics degree. Physics is a powerful base on which to build a wide variety of careers! That is why we offer our undergraduates a flexible multitrack degree program. Students in the Institute of Technology can focus in one of six areas of emphasis: professional physics, engineering, biology, teaching, computation or materials.

All of these degree tracks include a strong core curriculum which is combined with more advanced physics courses and courses from other disciplines. Each of these programs leads to a Bachelor of Science Physics degree, and each of these tracks includes options to help each individual select courses that will further their long-term goals. The University also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Physics in the College of Liberal Arts, an even more flexible degree, which provides students with a chance to study physics in a liberal arts context. All physics degrees require 120 credits including all requirements and electives. Honors Program The Institute of Technolgy and College of Liberal Arts have separate honors programs. Whether you are seeking a Bacholor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in physics, there is an honors program for you.

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