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Session 1 - Introduction to student shop

  1. Course outline
  2. Rules & Guidelines handout
  3. Availability of tools and equipment in student shop
  4. Video: Safety Procedures and Guidelines
  5. General shop safety
    1. First Aid kit
    2. Green fire resistant jacket & shop aprons
    3. Eye Wash Station
    4. Fire Extinguisher
    5. Fire blanket
    6. Phone
  6. Projects (simple drill press, milling, lathe, soldering, sheet metal parts)
  7. Materials-stock room, fasteners, sign out slips, etc.
  8. Reference book: (a practical guide to design and construction) Building Scientific Apparatus by Moore, Davis, Coplan
  9. Commonly used materials
    1. 2024 aluminum: Hard, stronger than 6061T6, not suitable for welding.
    2. 6061T651 aluminum: most common used aluminum, good for welding, and general machining of parts.
    3. 303 stainless steel: red color coded, contains sulfur to make easier to machine, not suitable for welding or vacuum use.
    4. 304 stainless steel: green color coded, tough to machine, suitable for welding and vacuum use, most common SS alloy, also known as 18-8.
    5. OFHC copper: Oxygen free high conductivity, commercially pure Cu, light blue color coded, suitable for welding and vacuum use, soft and stringy/ gummy to machine.
    6. Brass: easy to machine, tends to grab and pull cutting tool/drill into work use specially ground drills, machine dry (no cutting oil).
    7. Teflon: white, slippery, vacuum compatible, very soft, difficult to glue
    8. Delrin: white or black, easy to machine and tap, harder than Teflon, difficult to glue.
    9. PVC: white or gray, least expensive plastic, can be solvent glued
    10. Acrylic: also known as Plexiglass, clear & various colors, rigid, can be heated and bent, somewhat brittle, can be solvent glued.
    11. Polycarbonate: also known as Lexan, clear & various colors, tough, thinner sheets can be bent, good for guards, can be solvent glued.
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