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The CLA Undergraduate Physics Major

Program Requirements

Mathematics Credits
MATH 1271 or MATH 1371 Calculus I 4
MATH 1272 or MATH 1372 Calculus II 4
MATH 2243 or MATH 2373 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations 4
MATH 2263 or MATH 2374 Multivariable Calculus 4
Major Courses Credits
PHYS 1301W or PHYS 1401V Introductory Physics for Science & Engineering I 4
PHYS 1302W or PHYS 1402V Introductory Physics for Science & Engineering II 4
PHYS 2503 or PHYS 2403H (only offered fall semesters) Physics III: Intro to Waves, Optics, & Special Relativity 4
PHYS 2201 (only offered fall semesters) Introductory Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 3
PHYS 2601 (only offered spring semesters) Quantum Physics 4
PHYS 3041 (for students declaring the major after Summer 2017) Mathematical Methods for Physicists 3
PHYS 3605W Quantum Physics Laboratory 3
PHYS 4051 Methods of Experimental Physics I 5
Take 2 or more of Phys 4001, 4002, and 4101
Phys 4001 Analytical Mechanics 4
Phys 4002 Electricity & Magnetism 4
Phys 4101 Quantum Mechanics 4
Senior Project & Electives (5 credits)
Completion of a physics project, either by the completion of PHYS 4052W, Methods of Experimental Physics II (5 cr), or by some alternate means subject to departmental approval. Should the approved alternate physics project total fewer than 5 credits, an additional physics elective at the 3xxx-level or higher is required to fulfill the 5 credit requirement.
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