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The CLA Undergraduate Physics Minor

Students must have all requirements completed before applying for the minor. To apply, fill out the physics minor program form, available in Tate 130. Your application will be reviewed and if all requirements are met it will be approved and sent to CLA, where the minor will be added to your record. You will also receive an email notification from the physics department when this occurs so you can monitor the addition of the minor to your record.

There is no physics minor available through CSE.

Lower Division Physics Requirements Credits
PHYS 1301W or PHYS 1401V Introductory Physics for Science & Engineering I 4
PHYS 1302W or PHYS1402V Introductory Physics for Science & Engineering II 4
PHYS 2503 or PHYS 2403H (only offered in fall semesters) Physics III: Intro to Waves, Optics, & Relativity 4
PHYS 2201 (only offered in fall semesters) Introductory Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 3
Phys 2601 (only offered in spring semesters) Quantum Physics 4
Phys 3605W Quantum Physics Laboratory 3
Math Requirements Credits
MATH 1271 or 1371 or 1571H Calculus I 4
MATH 1272 or 1372 or 1572H Calculus II 4
MATH 2243 or 2373 or 2573H Linear & Differential Equations 4
Upper Division Physics/Astrophysics Elective Credits
3 or more credits in PHYS/AST at 3xxx level or higher 3
  • All required courses for the minor must be taken with A-F grading basis.
  • Only courses completed with a grade of C- or better count toward the minor.
  • Cumulative GPA for the UMN courses in the minor must be 2.0 or better.
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