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Physics 4960H

Welcome to the Physics 4960H homepage! Weekly minutes are posted on the Weekly Minutes page. The agenda for each week will eventually be posted on the Agenda page.

A copy of Dan's talk from the first meeting is attached here.

A good introduction to editing wiki articles is located at the syntax page. The talk given in class is attached here.

It's also possible to easily sign your work. The point of this would be so that if we all added our ethanol calculations to a page on ethanol, we could sign each version of the calculation with a signature like this. — David J Christle 2008/01/29 21:04

The multimath plugin was installed this evening, so math formatting such as <math>\int_a^b f(x)\,\mathrm dx = F(b) - F(a)</math> now works with both LaTeX formatting and the PHP Math plugin.

Here's some information regarding the supply issue: Supply Page. —Travis Maxfield

The two papers we were assigned to read are posted here and here.

The papers from Alex and Sam are posted here and here. — David J Christle 2008/04/15 16:03

Slides from in-class presentations can be found at Presentation Slides.

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