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Physics 4101.001 QM wiki page

pre-class questions and answers


Class lecture notes

sign your screen name for your contributions

==== Yuichi - time date==== In order to give proper credits to each question/answer, you need to sign your contributions. We will decide on the screen name of each student at the beginning of the semester and use it for your contributions. This way, it will not easy to identify who wrote what among the students, but I know who to give credits to. Please use the format I am using at the beginning of this paragraph if you are asking a question which will indent your question by a fixed amount to signify that it is a question. If you are answering, use === Yuichi - time date=== which indent your answer further to the right so that it's easier to distinguish from questions.

List of screen names already taken

If you don't want your classmates to know who your screen name represents, write just your screen name here but don't include your real name. Instead Email Yuichi your screen name and real name. (If you are using X500 or real name as your screen name, there is no need to Email Yuichi.)

Once you write your entry, please go to lec_notes and enter the days you can be the (a) responsible for the lecture note for the day. Also, go to Q&A and enter questions you may have about Chapter 1.

screen namereal name (optional)
Schrödinger's Dog
John Galt
malmx026 Erik Malm
joh04684 Billard Fillard IV
ice IX
East End
Super Hot Guy
The Spherical Chicken
Pluto 4ever
Phil53 Martingale of Peter
Captain America
Daniel Faraday Zvie Razieli
David Hilbert's Hat
Green Suit Karl Ludeman
Dark Helmet
vinc0053 Darin Vincent
The Doctor
Cthulhu Food

Why do we do this? How can we participate?

If you know how to write wiki and are ready to jump in and start reading and editing the class notes, click Q_A or lec_notes. On the other hand, if you want to know some background information why I am requiring that you participate in the class note writing activities, or read a quick note on how to edit wiki pages and insert math equations, please read on.

intention for setting this up

This is an attempt to improve our communication by having a common place to post notes, questions and answers.

I envision that this will serve the following purposes when everyone participates.

  1. Taking initiative in your own learning will be more important in your future whether or not you go on to a graduate school or get a job, and this will help your get used to it.
  2. I will have a clearer picture of what students have learned and what they did not. Using this information, I will adapt my following lecture to the needs of the students, add clarifications in the note directly, etc.
  3. Writers will learn the materials more deeply by simply trying to summarize what they heard in the lecture, and get feedback from classmates, TA and me or what's written.
  4. Some students will learn more by reading the note, particularly if they missed some materials covered in the lecture, or they did not understand some points in the lecture.

If the lecture is not clear to you, you are encouraged to add your questions in the lecture note. In addition to some explanation/descriptions being unclear in the lecture, it may be that motivation for doing something is not clear, derivation steps appear to be missing, etc. Any of these points should be brought up in the lecture note.

Once questions are posted, other students are encouraged to try to answer them. Answering other students' questions is a great way for you to deepen your own understanding. If no students answer some questions, I am prepared to answer them, but I feel that this is less desirable.

When a quiz time approaches, I believe these notes are an excellent place for you to go to to review the materials we have covered.

how to use and edit wiki pages

information about wiki editing

A good introduction to editing wiki articles is located at the syntax page. Additional information coming from slides for a talk given by David Christle in another class is attached here.

math equation in wiki

Even though using the following method to write equations is not a requirement, I believe learning LaTeX to write equations is a useful skill to learn for many of you, so I encourage you to do so, if you don't already know it. And the resulting equations will be prettier! If you don't want to use it, please use whatever methods so that your equations will look understandable.

The multimath plugin has been installed in our wiki, so math formatting such as

<math>\int_a^b f(x)\,\mathrm dx = F(b) - F(a)</math>

 "<math>\int_a^b f(x)\,\mathrm dx = F(b) - F(a)</math>" will produce the above equation.

works with both LaTeX formatting and the PHP Math plugin.

For more info about how to use LaTex syntax to type in equations, check

mimetex http://www.forkosh.com/mimetex.html
itex2mml http://pear.math.pitt.edu/mathzilla/itex2mml.html
plain2mml http://math.wcupa.edu/~johnston/plain2mathml

Are you ready? Then click one of the following links and get started.



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