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Lecture Notes

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Preference on which days you would be one of the main writer of the lecture note. There should be at least two names attached to each day, but at this stage, there could be more than 2 for each day. within a week, I will finalize who will be responsible for each day.

Note that even if you are not one of the responsible parties, you are encouraged to write in what you can, ask questions and answer them. The more students participate every day, the more I believe the lecture note will be useful for the entire class.

New I will give “question/answer” credits to those contributions to the lecture notes by non-primary contributors. Please give the primary parties a few days before you start adding your comments, etc.

NEW The dates in the table below are linked to the actual lecture notes, when they exist (green, if red, the file has not been created). Thus, clicking on the date should bring you to the note.

Date of lecture students' screen names
lec_notes_0909 East End
lec_notes_0911 Schrödinger's Dog
lec_notes_0914 Zeno
lec_notes_0916 joh04684, Spherical Chicken
lec_notes_0918 Schrödinger's Dog, Devlin
lec_notes_0921 Zeno, Blackbox
lec_notes_0923 joh04684,Aspirin
lec_notes_0925 East End, Devlin
lec_notes_0928 Spherical Chicken, Anaximenes
lec_notes_0930 prest121, Anaximenes
quiz_1_1002 Quiz 1
lec_notes_1005 Esquire, nikif002
lec_notes_1007 poit0009, Pluto 4ever
lec_notes_1009 Ekrpat, chap0326
lec_notes_1012 spillane, physics4dummies
lec_notes_1014 Can, prest121
lec_notes_1016 Andromeda, nikif002
lec_notes_1019 spillane, physics4dummies
lec_notes_1021 liux0756, Dagny
quiz_2_1023 Quiz 2
lec_notes_1026 Aspirin, Cthulhu Food
lec_notes_1028 poit0009,Hydra
lec_notes_1030 Esquire, David Hilbert's Hat
lec_notes_1102 Captain America, David Hilbert's hat
lec_notes_1104 Captain America, Cthulhu Food
lec_notes_1106 liux0756, Dagny
lec_notes_1109 Andromeda,Hydra
lec_notes_1111 Green Suit, Jake22
quiz_3_1113 Quiz 3
lec_notes_1116 Pluto 4ever, malmx026
lec_notes_1118 Ekrpat, chap0326
lec_notes_1120 vinc0053,
lec_notes_1123 vinc0053, ice IX
lec_notes_1125 Daniel Faraday
11/27 Break
lec_notes_1130 Anaximenes, Dark Helmet
lec_notes_1202 vinc0053, Daniel Faraday
lec_notes_1204 John Galt, Can (?? - were 12/11)
lec_notes_1207 Dark Helmet, Esquire
lec_notes_1209 ice IX, Jake22, chavez
quiz_4_1211 Quiz 4
lec_notes_1214 Green Suit, Jake22, Ralph
lec_notes_1216 John Galt
final_exam_1219 should be collective effort
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